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Atrakcje Bieszczadów - The most beautiful village

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The village of Strzebowiska is one of the most attractive places in Bieszczady when it comes to sightseeing. It is situated near the Bieszczady Ringroad, halfway between Weltina and Cisna.


Atrakcje Bieszczadów – Panorama Bieszczad

The Bieszczady Mountains.

Regarded by many as the most magnificent mountain ridge in Poland, the Bieszczady Mountains stretch from the North West to the South East of the region. In terms of both historical importance and natural environment, Bieszczady is one of the most unique and appealing mountain ranges in Europe. It is one of the very few regions in Europe, where the natural ecosystem was largely restored after the Second World War. Before the War it was one of the most populated and at the same time most destitute areas of Poland. Due to expulsions, a huge part of the local population was forced out of the region, thus leaving room for wildlife to flourish.

Dom Gościnny Borsuczyna

Strzebowiska 27
38-608 Wetlina
kom: 601 22 41 22
kom:797 13 03 07

Dom Gościnny Horb

Strzebowiska 38
38-608 Wetlina
kom: 601 22 41 22
kom: 797 13 03 07

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Wideo tour.

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