Pensjonat Borsuczyna - Guest House

Borsuczyna Guest-House, is the place where you will be able to rest, take time off from your every-day duties, work and stress. We will try to make you feel as if you were "in Heaven as it is on Earth". The warm atmosphere of our House will put you into good mood, and the charm of this exceptional place will let you spend unforgettable moments in the Bieszczady Mountains.

In September 2011, Borsuczyna Guest-House received an award in the category of comfortable lodgings in the "Exploring Carpathians" contest organized by the Regional Carpathian Tourist Organization in Rzeszow.

Pensjonat Borsuczyna - Exploring Carpathiansznak-jakosci

There is no rush in Strzebowiska, there are no crowds, no traffic jams. Here, at the eastern frontier of Poland, at the borderland of the European Union, there is a different world! Pastoral landscape charms visitors with breathtaking views, the smell of unpolluted nature is all around, there are the taste of frontier and difficult history of the region, and above all - there is silence.

If someone dreams of a real rest and of detaching from every-day problems, it is an ideal place for those who enjoy taking things easy and lazing about in the beautiful natural environment as well as for the tourists who enjoy active rest. One may rest here at any time of the year.

You are very welcome and we wish you a good stay!


Anna & Jarosław Pawliński


Pensjonat Horb- village of Strzebowiska


Pensjonat Horb - View of Bieszczady


Pensjonat Horb - decoration of rooms


Pensjonat Horb - plas entertain of children


Horb guesthouse offers lodging in a twin or a triple / 4 person room, as well as in a suite sleeping 6.

Pensjonat Horb - The attic room


Pensjonat Horb - The attic room view 2


Pensjonat Horb - bathroom


The guesthouse consists of two adjoining buildings. The rooms on the main and the first floor have separate access, to ensure maximum privacy and peace for our guests. We are able to provide lodging for 30 guests at any one time. Every room is equipped with fridge and an electric kettle with a supply of tea and coffee.

The guesthouse offers free wireless internet access.

Horb Guesthouse offers a stay in:

Three twin room

Three 4 person rooms (twin with an additional camp-bed)

Two suites sleeping 6 in each

On the main floor there is a comfortable and cosy living-room with multimedia equipment – spacious enough to spend an evening together, organise a meeting, training or a conference for all the guests.

Pensjonat Horb - living room


Pensjonat Horb - reception

During summer season Horb offers band and breakfest.

There are some restaurants nearby and opportunities to taste home-made food in the near vicinity.

We offer all the necessary prerequisites for guests with bicycles – bicycle stands and a secure storeroom for keeping the bikes.

OUR HAMMOCK SPACE offers a marvellous view of the Bieszczady Mountains (Bieszczady Wysokie): Smerek, Połonina Wetlinska and Carynska, Tarnica, Rawki, Okraglik and Jaslo.

There is an certain kind of charm about a campfire in the mountains. A charm that becomes irresistible when you add in delicious food. Feel free to use our campfire site.

You can also make use of our convenient barbecue.

The whole premises is surrounded by a fence and we offer a space on a lit parking lot.

Dom Gościnny Borsuczyna

Strzebowiska 27
38-608 Wetlina
kom: 601 22 41 22
kom:797 13 03 07

Dom Gościnny Horb

Strzebowiska 38
38-608 Wetlina
kom: 601 22 41 22
kom: 797 13 03 07

For the love ofBieszczady.


Wideo tour.


Wideo tour.

Pensjonaty Bieszczady.

Z miłości do Bieszczadów.