Borsuczyna Guest-House – comfort and tradition!

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Borsuczyna Guest-House is place for great rest in Bieszczady. It is a place to relax, forgetting about every-day stress, speed and pressure. We do our best to make our Guests to feel in Borsuczyna like in heaven. Warm atmosphere of the House will bring nice feelings, and charm of this place will offer unforgettable memories from Bieszczady. In September, 2011 Borsuczyna Guest-House has been granted “Sub Carpathian Quality Recognition” in the contest organized by Polish Tourist Organization.

In Strzebowiska there is no rush, no traffic jams, and no crowd. Here at the eastern boarder of Poland and EU there is a different world. Breath-taking view, smell of clean nature, birds singing, sounds of wild animals, signs of history, you can see at every step, forgotten villages, lonely churches and first of all silence allow to rest and collect energy for the entire year.

Please be invited to Borsuczyna Guest-House


Horb – choice for people looking for special and unforgettable place

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If you are looking for place to rest in unforgettable place, without crowd, noise with beautiful view, surrounded by nature - Horb Guest-House is an ideal place for you.

Decoration of building and rooms refers to art of Bojko – earlier inhabitants of Bieszczady creating climate of tradition in modern and comfortable place.

In addition to comfortable rooms, Horb offers living room with chimney and terrace opened to panorama of entire Bieszczady, breakfasts (also in the terrace) and during high season artistic workshops.

Please be invited to unique and very special place in Bieszczady - Horb Guest-House. Stay in our place will be unforgettable.

Please be invited to Horb Guest-House.


 Bieszczady – for many people – the most beautiful mountains in Poland.

Long hogbacks laying from north-west to south-east are phenomenon for European scale.

Bieszczady is one of few places in Europe, which after WWII has naturally re-wilden. Before the war this part of Poland was one of highest populated and purest areas of the country. After the war, the region has been depopulated, burned down, forgotten and to some extent - forbidden. Thanks to this wild, clean nature has survived in the area.

Bieszczady offers opportunity of hours-long walking trips, during which no man will be met, ad animals: foxes, dears, lynxes, wolves or even bears may follow tourists, watching them from between trees or be present at least as traces of feet, paws or claws.

Bieszczady offers many attractions starting from commonly known as narrow-gauche railway, greek-catholic churches survived after the war, Solina Dam and artificial lake - going through horse riding along hogbacks, searching for trails of previous inhabitants of the area, and finishing at bird-watching in Nature-2000 preservation area covering most of Bieszczady.

Everyone will find something special in Bieszczady!



Jeśli chcą Państwo wypocząć w Bieszczadach, wybrać się tu na wakacje, weekend albo tylko na kilka dni – noclegi Bieszczady oferują Gościniec Horb oraz Dom Gościnnego Borsuczyna w Strzebowiskach - zwanych Najpiękniejszą Wsią Bieszczadów.


Zapewniamy wyjątkową atmosferę, ciszę i spokój, przepiękne widoki i przytulne, gościnne wnętrza. Zależnie od wyboru naszych Gości proponujemy pobyty z wyżywieniem lub możliwość samodzielnego przygotowywania posiłków. Komfortowe i przytulne pokoje w naszych pensjonatach posiadają łazienki, czajnik z zapasam kawy i herbaty, suszarkę do włosów, a w Gościńcu Horb również lodówkę. Zadbamy, aby Państwa wypoczynek był udany i pozostawił niezapomniane wspomnienia!


Noclegi Bieszczady zapraszają!




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